Organic Peanut Butter – Crunchy (500g)


The high protein value effectively helps meet your daily protein intake and makes it great for muscle growth, supports bone health
Not only is Peanut butter filling and healthy, it is also great if you’re trying to lose weight. Rich in protein and nutrient dense Peanut butter can help to suppress appetite and cravings, so you can stay satiated between meals and stay away from unhealthy snacking
This amazing peanut butter is a great food to balance blood sugar levels and make you feel fuller for a long time. It also satiates you with fewer calories thus helping you with your weight management goals
High Protein value in the peanuts effectively helps to complete your daily protein intake and makes it great for muscle growth and endurance
Servings per pack: 16. Nutrition Facts: Protein 6.56: 12.67% Vitamin A 22.03: 3.67%, Vitamin C1.48: 4.3%, Calcium 26.67: 5.16%. A good source of energy, made with high-quality roasted peanuts in this spread that energizes you
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